We represent shipyards, marinas, boat builders, designers, fabricators, marine construction contractors, engine and system suppliers and other related marine service industries. We advise, negotiate, and draft contracts for the design, construction and repair of small pleasure craft to yachts, through tugs and barges, fishing vessels to ocean going ships.

Shipyards, marinas, boat builders, fabricators, and engine and system suppliers are routinely exposed to lawsuits. Often these lawsuits stem from engineering and design problems that are a combination of little or no planning and insufficient management and oversight. Profits are made not only by taking risks, but by also minimizing risks. Lawsuits are costly, counter-productive, and drain human resources. We have the knowledge and experience to anticipate potential risks and minimize losses by being strong advocates for our clients in negotiating and drafting effective marine contracts on their behalf and strong advocates for them in court.

We protect our marina clients with well crafted contracts for winter storage, both on land and in water, summer slip rentals, hull, engine and system repair and maintenance. We draft contracts as between marinas, their vendors, and subcontractors. We also facilitate marina compliance with environmental and regulatory processes.

We have the knowledge to successfully represent our clients in adversarial proceedings whether it be a dredge operator before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, or a marina before Federal, State, or Local governmental authorities.

We draft contracts for marina operators who act as salvors. Often, disputes arise between a vessel’s underwriters, its owner, the surveyor, and the marina that will perform repairs. We provide solutions to marina operators in these disputes and when necessary have the experience to arbitrate or litigate.

We counsel and draft construction contracts on behalf of marine construction contractors for dredging, bulkheads, piers, docks, wharfs, and the laying of undersea cables, and again when necessary have the experience to arbitrate or litigate any related disputes.

On occasion, shipyards, marinas, boat builders, and other related marine suppliers need to judicially enforce their maritime liens by having a vessel arrested and sold under court order at public auction. Often there are competing maritime liens and legal priorities. For over 30 years, we have swiftly arrested vessels, not only in the United States, but worldwide, regardless of whether the vessel be commercial or recreational.

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