Our clients include European, Asian, and Lloyd’s Hull Syndicates as well as domestic and international marine underwriters and P&I Clubs in disputes involving collisions, allisions, personal injury, LHWCA, Jones Act, charter parties, policy wordings, hull & machinery, cargo, salvage, damage to submarine cables, product liability, subrogated claims, marinas, fisherman, pilotage, dredging companies, as well as yacht owners and brokers, marine construction, and environmental pollution, including oil and hazardous materials.

After any casualty, whether it is a personal injury as a result of a design defect, the loss of cargo from improper stowage, or a salvage operation run amuck, lawsuits will follow and therefore it is essential that all information be collected promptly. Together with our worldwide network of correspondent lawyers, surveyors, investigators, and other related professionals, we can ensure that all physical evidence, statements of witnesses, and the like will not only be gathered expeditiously and economically, but also competently so as to ensure a positive outcome.

As a result of accidents involving ships and cargo, it may be necessary to deviate from a contractual voyage, seek a port of refuge for repairs, or jettison cargo. This scenario usually involves General Average. Accidents involving personal injury and/or the loss of or severe damage to a vessel, whether it be a commercial ship, yacht, fishing boat, or a tug & barge, usually involve Limitation of Liability. In either case, the consequential costs are usually substantial, if not astronomical. Additionally, vessels sometimes need to be arrested in order to enforce an arbitration award or the judgment of a court, or if the vessel is under arrest, it needs to be released. Swift and decisive action is not only of the essence, but is provided by us to protect our client’s interests in these situations.

We have extensive trial experience in the Federal Courts including New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Tampa and Chicago, as well as appearing in proceedings before the U.S. Maritime Administration, U.S. Coast Guard and Federal Maritime Administration.

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