We represent Owners, Ship Brokers & Managers, Charterers, Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, Shippers, and P&I clubs. We are not only experienced in the drafting of bills of lading, charter parties, contracts of affreightment, commodity and trading contracts for bulk and energy shipments, delivery contracts, terminal agreements, and tug and tonnage contracts, but also have extensive experience arbitrating and mediating under the auspices of the SMA, AAA, ICC,UNCITRAL, LMAA, NAEGA, CEAMAR, and ad hoc rules and litigating in the federal courts disputes that arise from these contracts including charterer’s liability, laytime & demurrage, and legal liability. We also represent owners, NVOCCs and freight forwarders in administrative proceedings before the Federal Maritime Commission and the U.S. Maritime Administration.

As a result of accidents involving ships and cargo, it may be necessary to deviate from a contractual voyage, seek a port of refuge for repairs, or jettison cargo. This scenario usually involves General Average. The consequential costs are usually substantial, if not astronomical. Additionally, vessels sometimes need to be arrested in order to enforce an arbitration award or the judgment of a court, or if the vessel is under arrest, it needs to be released. Swift and decisive action is not only of the essence, but is provided by us to protect our client’s interests in these situations.

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